Recommended number of layer: 1 layer for a cat; 2 to 4 layers for a dog.
Recommended immobilisation period:
Young pet (under 5 months) 2-3 weeks
Small pet 4-5 weeks
Large pet up to 8-10 weeks
Stick an adhesive ribbon on the distal part of the limb and let an extra 10 cm hanging down.
Apply the stockinette avoiding any crease and exceeding the length of the cast. Wrap with foam padding with 50% overlap. Two - three layers will be sufficient. Extra layers should protect any sensitive prominence.
The limb should be wrapped including the metacarpals and phalanges.
Only distal phalanges 3 and 4 will remain uncovered. The limb will be immobilised in a physiological position (slight elbow and carpus flexion and slight pronation).
Apply Vet-Lite starting at the distal side of the limb. Working time: 3-4 minutes. Weight bearing time: 20 minutes (further reduced by applying cold water on the cast). The flexibility of the mesh structure allows for moulding over all and difficult areas. Continue to wrap using 50% overlap throughout.
Whilst Vet-Lite is still soft, roll the proximal remaining stockinette and foam back together with 0.5 cm (0.2 in) of Vet-Lite to form the edge.The extra 10 cm of adhesive ribbon and remaining stockinette will be folded over and attached above the cast and fastened by an wrapping adhesive ribbon.
Use a stirrup to prevent any digital damage : a steel bar of 2-3 mm for a cat, a 6 mm aluminium bar for medium dogs, a 9 mm aluminium bar for large dogs. The stirrup will be firmly fixed with a layer of Vet-Lite. Some rubber (garden hose) placed on the stirrup will avoid any slip.
The Veterinarian should pay attention that no swelling occurs to the uncovered phalanges.